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Guess The Price is now the Right game show for corporate events, promotions, and even a Bar Mitzvah

Originally Posted on November 4, 2013 by Jeff in our old blog.

We have been presenting game shows for over eighteen years. On occasion, clients ask us if we can do something in the style of Price is Right. This is because Price is Right has been on TV for over thirty years and is one of the most recognized game show formats.


For years, we have told clients, to simulate a game show like this tends to be expensive because it requires a lot of props that it it used to require versus the amount of actual use (a large prop may only be used once but cost hundreds of dollars to rent for that one prop alone)  — with podiums with displays and high end props it may not be cost effective.  (We have a game show that meets these parameters but cycles about 50 people per hour versus a simulated Price game that would only involve about 8 playing game in an hour). Stage games are different than TV games — see ourGame Show Give Away program for more  details for the best Risk Reward Game Show for promotions and high end corporate events.

Guess The Price (now a cost effective alternative). 

Recently, a client called me and told me that her son really loved the game show The Price Is Right. I explained the above issues and suggested something else like our Versus game show. However,  her son really wanted a game show in the style of the tv show that he loved so much but she also had a limited budget.

We developed a working alternative in budget that in line for them and that same program would work great for your event.

With the help of the client, we compiled a list of items that 13 year old boys would be familiar with (since I don’t have kids). We coded these items into Powerpoint with pictures and item names. (Obviously the budget didn’t allow for “giving” these prizes away). For 13 year olds, items included video games, sporting items, games, backyard etc so it was all relevant. (I thought it was educational that children should know what the stuff they want costs their parents).

We then gathered a collection of trade show style mini games – both physical props and some video based. We have a huge list of games but for this we used all games of chance (as opposed to skill games) to keep it easy. Games at this event included: Plinko (using a trade show plinko display), Wheel of a Deal, Mini Keno, Race To Place, Lucky Board, Star Power, Giant Dice Roll, Pick A Pair, Higher or Lower, Blackjack, and more. We brought about twelve games.

This is how the rhythm of this game show went – we put all of the names of the kids in a bucket.  To facilitate maximum participation – we set up two sides — a Red Side and a Blue side.  Four players were brought up to each table where we had dry erase boards waiting. Once the item was shown, the players wrote down on the boards what they thought the actual selling price might be (note: the TV game show is looking for a suggested retail price).  Each side was competing against themselves. The player with the closest price estimate one each side was invited to play one of the games of chance. If they won the game of chance, they received three raffle tickets. If they participated, they received one.  After each game,l new names were pulled.

This process was repeated for 90 minutes. In 90 minutes, we went through about 18 cycles. At the end, we pulled names to receive one of the then raffle prizes.

Now a new program for Game Show Gurus and your event.

This process can be adapted exactly or modified for any event or promotion.  The above event was produced at a “2 star level”, but I can see it being produced at a 3 or 4 star level with increased lights, backdrops, staff, podiums displays, or enhanced props. It comes off sort of like a cross between our “Win It In a Minute”, Survey Says, Ballistic Bingo, and others. If you are interested in something like this, let us know and we will send you a proposal for any production level or budget. We can also modify any rules or rhythms.  Items to bid on prices can be targeted towards any demographic. I can also see this game show with modified games of chance and a different “qualifier”. The qualifier in the above scenario was guessing prices, but a qualifier could also be answering trivia questions, supplying an item, winning a bingo, text message, or winning another challenge.

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