Designed in the style of “Match Game”, What The Blank is a great game for all types of events including Corporate, Casino Promotions, and Private events.

For our variation, three to six of your guests will be the “Celebrities” and will sit on risers. Between two and eight of your guests will be the players.

Our emcee will either ask a question with a phrase that has multiple answers or a story with possible fill in the blanks. Each team will write down their guess as well and answer the same question. Teams get points for matching the “celebrities”. Twists can also give the celebrities points for matching with the players. Depending on answers, this can be a hilarious show,

Various production levels can be used from a simple on screen leaderboard, using actual podiums for scorekeeping, putting the celebrities on risers and using privacy screens or higher end sets, and more.

Add our “Audience Match” pre games with audience response keypads to qualify who gets on stage.

Speed rounds can be played with the winners to advance their prizes.

This game show can be played virtually.

Fun Fact: The Audience Match round of the original Match Game TV game show was the predecessor to the TV game Show Family Feud.