Survey Says? is designed in the style of “Family Feud” and by far our most popular game show for corporate events, colleges, and private parties. Because players participate in two teams and because questions are subjective, answers are usually hilarious to keep the audience engaged.

Question material can be kid friendly, targeted towards high school students, college students, clean/family oriented, or for certain adults only events, have more suggestive questions.

Production levels can presented from simple “2-Star” with the basics, to “3-star” which gives you a crew of two and full lights, sound, video and sets, on up to “5-star” with higher end props, moving lights and truss.

In order to involve everyone, we can add our Sez Who? Game Show. In Sez Who?, everyone gets an audience response keypad. Questions are shown on the screen. Players guess the most popular answer in the room. The fastest and most accurate play Survey Says?

Much more informati0on on this game show is available by request of our game show proposal/quote and updated photos are available on our Facebook page —