Galactic Glow Bingo

This is not your Grandma’s bingo. Glow Bingo is an awesome fundraiser that guests will love and pay to be a part of.  We bring UV glow in the dark bingo cards, UV daubers, combined with blacklights and high tech lighting as well as an interactive emcee to bring a fun filled night with additional games and dancing. And that means money in your groups’ pocket.  Between games, we play mini contests or encourage winners to perform a trick to get their prizes.


Games: Most Bingo Nights include 10 or 12 games paying out at least $100 or any other amount that you would like.  This number should be relative to the investment that people make in the cards.  Some groups charge $25 to $35 or more  per person and extra for special games.  If prizes are higher than $100, you can probably charge more.


Making MoneyWhile you have people at your event, add your silent auctions, pull tabs, and 50/50 raffles to add to your bottom line. People who play bingo will naturally want to win more prizes.  Sell sponsorships to cover your bingo prizes and sell glow items to make more money.


Licensing:  If your organization is charging money, then state charitable bingo rules  and licensing will apply for 501-C-3 groups. For example, Illinois only charges a measley  $50 for a two event license.


Additional Games: Add other some of our other things like Take IT Or Leave It, Money Machine, Prize Wheel,  Punch A Bunch, Trivia, and more.


Glow Bingo events are a social gathering uniquely designed to create fun, excitement, and profits for your charity or not for profit group.


What We Provide

Host/ Emcee—high energy

DJ/ Technical Director

Sound System / DJ Music with subwoofer

UV Black Lights LED PARS / Color Wash on 4 trees

Intelligent LED and Moving Lights and UV lights on truss

2x  Video Screens for bingo board

Bingo Cards (6 Up)  – up to 12 games with dauber

Music – background, dance, and party music

Minute To Win It type Games In Between  (if desired)

Program Schedules


Organization Provides  Staffing for event

Prizes for games (through sponsors)

Marketing and Promotion