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Win It In TWO Minutes

The Fastest Moving Trivia and
Participation Game Show Around



Long before the popular NBC TV Minute to Win It Show, we created the fastest moving, highest energy, and most unique college and company game show challenges engages guests in fun, but easy mini games.

Versus is a proprietary original game show (and one of our favorites) that has multiple teams answering trivia, playing word games, and performing physical challenges.It’s Left Vs. Right, Red vs. Blue, Team 1 vs. Team 2. Unlike the Minute show, Versus is designed to involve as many guests as possible in an organized fashion.It is great for team building, fun activities, or sales meetings

Challenges can vary but can usually include: Trivia Face Off, Four In A Row,  Hula Hoops, Word Scramble, and others. We usually alternate between challenges and grade levels. The best part is that each challenge involves 12-20 guests at a time and that each challenge lasts no more than TWO Minutes. How do guests  know how long the challenge will last? The countdown clock is shown on a large video screen for indoor events or a LED Scoreboard for outdoor events.  About thirteen mini games can be played in an hour. Most shows have a variety of at least eight to ten mini games. Most shows last up to 90 minutes.

This game is scripted for each event and can vary by planner needs. The best part is that each challenge involves 4 to 10 people per team. Available in different production levels from 2 star to 5 star, it is highly adaptable.

Producers Note: Versus has been popular because of its fast moving nature, it unique format, and exciting competition.

 This microsite talks about Versus for Adults.   For info for Versus for Schools/Kids, click here. 




Similar to this is another game show called Celebrity Game Challenge which involves multiple games such as  Win Lose or Draw,  Charades, Order, and more played by two teams guessing material mostly about show business  (but of course it can be adapted to your material. Long before NBC’s Hollywood Game Night, our friend Aaron Gessner had a board game called Celebrity in which guests guessed names of celebrities, movies, and tv based on drawing pictures, acting out words, etc. Our Celebrity Game Challenge uses less physical challenges. It is similar to our inactive Do Something game show.