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Game Show Gurus Give You More Benefits
for Colleges and Universities

They’re hot. Game Shows are everywhere.  And they don’t stop there. Reality Shows are out. Talent Shows are losing their flavor. Game Shows are back. Get with the program.

We have cost effective stand alone game shows, some of which emulate mainstream TV games and some that are designed for maximum audience involvement and stage production.

Check out our new flyable game show sets and fly in options.

Not So Trivial Applications

  • Programming Boards – College programming boards can bring fun, exciting, buzzer-banging, interactive programs that target all types of audiences. Committees that can use us include: Special Events, Comedy, Coffeehouse, Day Time Activities, Special Weekends.
  • Residential Life – groups inkling fraternities and sororities can use game shows for special events. Excellent for Orientation.
  • Educational Enhancement: Enhance any curriculum with targeted questions. Get instant feedback on how presented.
  • Special Event Add On: Great addition to existing special events such as a family carnival or field day. Great teaser for Homecoming, Campus Carnival , Parents Weekend, Siblings Weekend, etc.
  • Promotions—game shows create a high energy, interactive environment that can help plug any type of product or service — including groups, institutions, and market services.


We are Professionals

Surveying the game show programs being promoted by some agencies and providers to the college market make them look like an 8th grade AV club put it together. Rest assured, we always bring the high tech and expanded production level to make it a “show” and not just a “presenter”. We have been doing this for  a long time. Starting off in our college days, we too were coordinators on our college program board and know the scoop.  We are professionals. . We regularly work with corporate events and high level event planners.  We bring that professionalism to your school event.  We always arrive with plenty of time to set up.  Our staff are actors, AV technicians, DJs, and more that are truly experienced and passionate about presenting awesome game shows.

College Programming Scoop

  • Most college game shows are produced as turn key, self contained programs with Game Show Gurus providing everything – especially when budgets are met, or the distance is under 500 miles, or we are in a block.  We will hook up to house sound and use house lights when available.
  • Schools within a certain geographic area can “block book” any of our game shows to create a block. In other words, one school can book “Versus” and one could book “Survey Says” – even though they aren’t the same program, it is still considered a block. Block booking can get you all reduced pricing. And yes, we are members of NACA.
  • Ask what “goes together”.  Special discounts will be applied for package program booking through Game Show Gurus. Discounts will also be applied for booking pick-up-dates in your area.
  • Multiple formats of game shows may be booked in one day in combination. For example, you might want Extreme Bingo  followed by Get Wired For This.
  • Schools within 90 miles of Chicago, IL may have additional options (such as our Mini Trivia Blitz), can book at 5/7 rates without a block book forming, and do not need to provide us with overnight accommodations.
  • Schools that are farther away can now book our “flyable” sets which includes a nice presentation and necessary props.
  • All packages (except for “Fly In”) include sound system, necessary crew, backdrops, video projection (if needed), stage lights (if needed). Game shows can be customized to your material.


College students like prizes and free stuff. They want a chance to win something. In the past, we haven’t included prizes with our game shows to keep your costs down.

Now, we can structure any game show with elimination rounds to give away prizes including one grand prize. We also have access to various resources to get discounted vacations, certificates (at a discount, and more).

If your budget allows, we have a new high end concert level game show calledGigantic Game Show Give Away” which was designed for promotional events but would be equally at home to attract students to an event in which a lot of prizes are being given away.

Popular Shows for College Events

Pick from any game show on our web site — these are the most popular for college events.

Fast Trivia Game Shows

Subjective Game Shows

  • Survey Says – 100 people can’t be wrong. Now with Everyone Plays option.
  • Relationship Games – any type of dating game
  • Celebrity Game Challenge – a game night from Hollywood
  • Ultimate Countdown – combine list questions with a Trivia Blitz like competition

Audience Response Game Shows

  • Get Wired For This – audience response keypad game show
  • Q&A – audience game show using your smart devices – great for large audiences, stadiums, etc.
  • Night At The Races – horse racing excitement
  • Extreme Bingo – music video, trivia, sound bite bingo
  • Cosmic Bingo – bingo with blacklights, glow items, high energy music, and fast moving mini games

Physical Challenge Game Shows

Versus Ball Bucket Game
  • Versus – everyone can play our physical challenge game show
  • Win It In a Minute – random challenges or last man standing
  • Talent Hunt – Talent Show, Karaoke Idol, Dancing – audience and judges rate  the players

Risk Reward Game Shows

Money Man Jeff

Game Show Give Away – This is the next step in college game show programming. Game Show Give Away (a concert level game show). Large scale props, high value prizes, easy risk reward games. This show is massive a theatre, large ballroom, or concert type setting – it’s too big for your “down under” spacesGuess The Price(how much does your stuff cost?)

Game Show Variety Pack / Stage 2  – run multiple game show formats changing

Green Screen Video

  • Pop Nogginsthe “bobbleheads” video
  • Bobble Noggins – photo keepsakes – your face on a desktop idol
  • Flipbookspocket size movies
  • Graffiti Wall – digital video wall photo booth

The complete PDF catalog can be found at

We travel and provide game shows everywhere throughout the United States including Chicago, IL Illinois; Indianapolis, In Indiana; Detroit, MI Michigan ; Springfield, IL Illinois; Madison, WI; Wisconsin Columbus, OH; Ohio; Toledo, OH, Cincinnati, OH;  Lexington, Kentucky KY; Des Moines IA, Iowa, Peoria IL; New York, NY; Tuscon AZ Arizona; Nashville TN Tennessee, Kansas City, KS, Fargo, ND, Cedar Rapids, IA, Lexington KY, Pittsburg, PA, St. Louis, MO, Greenbay, WI.