As a fan of game shows, I tend to at least watch once every game show that comes out. That’s what we do — we create game shows and want to bring you what you know.

With NBC’s Hollywood Game Night, I noticed they are basically what we have been doing all along.

It consists two teams made up of celebrities (we don’t have that) and two team captains that are non celebrities. With a wacky host (Jane Lynch), they play six “face off” type games that have included Celebrity Fusion (guessing a celebrity’s from a morphed picture – with one’s first name is the same as another’s last name (Tom Arnold Schwarzenegger), Smash The Buzzer (hit the buzzer when an item from a list is in the category), TV ID (clue about a TV show like name that tune — players bid on how many words their team will get it in, Home Sweets Home (identify candy by the picture), How Do You Do Doo (hum a song)using only “Do” , Celebrity Name Game, Match Game Matchmaker (digital touch screen of match of tv hosts and hostesses), Picture Purrfect (identify pictures of celebrities from movies with their photos replaced by cats), and Timeline (put a celebrity’s looks in order). The different thing about this game show is it’s simplicity and lack of any razzle dazzle type sets (no moving lights, no led screens) as well as low prize value. The set is a large screen TV, two couches, and two hit buzzers. But it keeps me coming back every week.

Many of these games are based on our “Face Off” game show using our Face Off podium or our Versus game show that we have been running for years. On our back burner, we have a game show called “Do Something” which is based on the board game Craniuim – basically integrating a picture drawing element, a humming a tune element, trivia element, and a physical challenge element. For corporate events, we can modify any of these challenges to integrate into our Versus game show, (Versus normally uses physical challenges and some trivia). Of course, you bring the celebrities.

Update: And I almost forgot. One of our colleagues Aaron Gesner, invented a board game called “Celebrity” in 2000 which is based on guessing celebrities by clues. So we were here first.