Rocket Fuel Options and Ideas for Extensive Events

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  • Celebrating
  • Captivating
  • Mesmerizing
  • Stimulating
  • Motivating
  • Promoting
  • Energizing


Who: Game Show Gurus creates original programs and adapts TV-like game shows for corporate functions, promotions, educational groups, and social events.

What: Game shows make a natural companion to all kinds of special events and promotions because you can combine our high energy emcees, powerful announcements, attractive displays, fabulous prizes, and a fun, competitive nature that excites guests, staff and customers.

Where: Based out of Chicago, we present game shows at any production level in the 10 hour radius of Chicago and travel for higher budget events throughout the United States.

When: At any type of event — social event, before or after meetings, at a trade show, as a promotion, training, and more.

Why: Game shows designed for the stage are much different from those you see on television. Everything runs faster, very rarely are contestants auditioned, and adaptations are made to involve more people.

How: Game shows are produced at various production levels to meet the budget, event, and presentation demands for the particular event. They range from simplistic (2-Star) on up to high end (5-Star) with most programs falling in the middle (3-Star). Production level elements vary by game and event type.

On these pages, you will fin he coolest ideas for your next event. Game Show Gurus has more options for programs than any other production company. Want something else? We have all types of game systems, various versions of software, and years of experience. If you don’t see it here, there is a good possibility is in our game show idea database or we can create something new or adapt to your event.