Who Knows Game Shows?
We Are Your Final Answer

Serious game shows can not be produced by a “DJ” company with a “game show”. They require special combination, special knowledge, and special skills from qualified, college educated professionals. We are Game Show Gurus. Your final answer in mobile game show production.

President and Executive Producer Jeff Helfand has been around “show business” for over thirty years, With experience starting with theatre, event programming, broadcasting, marketing, sales, and communications, the sum total bring you the most uniquely qualified group to produce travelling game shows for your event. Game Show Gurus is a division of Synimagic, Inc which has been in the event business since 1992. We have been producing game shows since we acquired our first one in 1995 – that’s almost 20 years.

Right now, we spend every moment of every day developing new interactive programs that are either unique, thinking of ways to simulate TV game shows in a cost effective way for corporate use while making changes to keep their lawyers happy, and collecting all of the resources in the market concerning game show production including software, hardware, scenery, lights, sound, video, and more. We have licenses for all of the software on the market, many types of game show props, and compiling everything game show production related. We spend all of our time doing this so you don’t have to. We are your one stop shop and your best resource to execute a game show.

Because we are located in a central metropolitan location (Chicago area) and unlike almost all of our competitors, we produce game shows at various production levels to meet the budget of any type of event. Large scale and promotional events will appreciate our “5-Star” production level with complete sound, lights, custom graphics, upgraded sets, extended crews, and production time while local small events (such as a birthday party or library) will appreciate that we can bring more steak than sizzle for a low budget event (2 Star). Most school and corporate events will fall in the “3 Star and 4 Star” category with middle of the road sound, lights, backdrops, and audio visual.