Game Show Gurus and its parent company Synimagic, Inc currently are  in no way affiliated with any broadcast TV game show productions (but of course would like to be).

We have made every effort not to call any of our game shows by a trademarked name of a similar show. We do not claim that we are the owners of those trademark names or presenting programs that are exactly like them. Some of our game shows might resemble shows you may have seen on TV. However, we have made changes to set design, format, and operation to make them different. In some cases, our marketing materials  might say something is “in the style of” a certain trade marked game show only to help the reader understand the rhythm or objective is similar but not to the same as a game show they are familiar with. Many game shows that we present are originals and nothing like something you may have seen on TV.

The following names that may have been used in “in the style of” language are copyrighted and trademarked by their respective owners:  Jeopardy, Family Feud, The Price Is Right, Let’s Make a Deal, Dating Game, Deal or No Deal, Minute To Win It, 1 Vs. 100, American Idol, Hollywood Game Night, and others. Again, Game Show Gurus makes no implication that we have any relationship with any of those tv game shows.

All photos on our website are actual pictures of our events, screen shots that we created, or in absence of those, manufacturer or software publisher stock photos that are used until we have our own pictures.  Some stock photos are from royalty free source of or Graphicstock

We have steered away from using music on our website and YouTube videos that are popular and have used royalty free music instead.

If you are the copyright/trade mark holder of something that we have presented on our website or PDFS and aren’t comfortable by our use, our editor may have missed something accidentally. No Cease and Desist letters are necessary – a simple phone call or friendly email indicating our error  will result in an immediate change. We want to be fair players in the entertainment community.

At the same time, Game Show Gurus and Gigantic Game Show Give Away are registered trade marks. Our other game shows names that we use are also our service and trademark as well as our intellectual property. We would hope that other groups and companies would stay away from using them except when they have booked our production services — in which case it is OK to use  our names for promotion of the event.