Why We Are Different
or what makes us the gurus

It’s true. We have been in business for over fifteen years and have tons of experience before that in every facet of audio visual, theatre, and broadcast communications.

We purchased our first game show lock out system in 1995, called “Game Show Mania”. We were one of the firsts to acquire what they call a “GSS-III”. And yes, we did market these services under our “DJ” company. This was long before other companies got a hold of such props. That system was phased out a long time ago in favor of new props. We are constantly buying new game show props.
Well, a lot has happened. We now we primarily focus on game shows. We produce, design, and host game shows. And we know how to market them to end users, events, and to sponsors.

Unlike some of our competitors:

a) We are not “a DJ company with a game show”. Most companies on the internet will sell “Game Show Mania”, right next to weddings. Some even use stock photos and not original pictures. While we can play extra music during an event, game shows are produced as a “show” and not as an add on.

b) We are not an all-purpose rental company that uses the same game show props as a rental item (although we work with companies like this). These companies also sell inflatables, carnival games, and the like. Game Show Mania is one more “piece” that they sell. (However, we do provide subcontract services to some of the more reputable companies who want full scale production for their clients).

c) We are not an agent representing all forms of entertainment. (Although we work with all types of agencies). While we always work with these groups, we find that we can explain our programs the best.

Game Show Gurus specialize in producing, staging, writing, tech supporting, and overall execution of mobile game shows.

While we are heavily networked and can get you any other type of entertainment, interactives, or party equipment, we do not warehouse or market except what is on our web site. The only “blower” we own is for our Money Machine.

We changed the name of our “Game Show Mania” program to “Interactive Trivia Blitz” because we are different. After surveying the market, we realized that there were a lot of companies that weren’t specialists using the Game Show Mania equipment. They bought this because they thought it might work for them, like karaoke does. . Expensive mistake on their part. Most of the time you will never even see actual pictures of their productions, only the following We use these lockout systems as props because they are designed fairly well (although heavily marketed).

These are manufacturer’s pictures. You will never see these as part of our marketing materials. There are other “standard” pictures, but you get the idea.

These are promo pictures provided by the manufacturer. You will never see this set or these people at your event because they are essentially models. Companies that use are doing so because their real pictures don’t look this good.

We create a game show environment.

For all indoor events (other than social event add ons), backdrops and pipe and drape are a definite. Lights are a must. Intelligent lights or moving heads are added to higher end productions. For outdoor events, they are almost always held under tents. Game shows are almost never run with less than two people.

Compare this to the rental companies and the “DJ” companies that use Game Show Mania as a prop with little or no props. Most don’t use pipe and drape near video screens.

When you are going to hire a game show production company, make sure you hire the best. Make sure you hire Game Show Gurus.

Did you ever wonder why other production companies don’t give you any or very little information on their programs. Sometimes it’s a picture of the day it was presented at it’s largest for a high end client, sometimes they tell you less than a paragraph. What are they hiding? Maybe actual programs are’t what are pictured on their web site. We explain and show as much detail as possible. And then we try to make it better. We over deliver and under promise.

For more information, email us at info@gameshowgurus.com or call 847-781-7033 or 1-800-675-8048.