Here’s The Deal on Game Show Gurus:

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  • Who We Are

    We’ve been in business for over twenty years.  We aren’t a “DJ” with a game show or a rental company that rents inflatables and cotton candy machines along side game show equipment. Read More

  • 5 W’s

    Game Shows are Rocket Fuel for Extensive Events. Game Shows are great for  Edu-Taining, Celebrating, Captivating, Mesmerizing, Stimulating, Motivating, Promoting, Energizing.  Read More

  • Why We Are Different

    More on what we do differently — with extensive experience to creating experiences.  Even with this web site, you are getting more details than any other production company. Read More 

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What are your questions?  Read More

  • Testimonials

    Great things people have to say about us. Read More.

  • Media

    Our Media Page is a great page for general photo montages, social media links, and of course PDF downloads of our catalog pages.  Read More

  • Event Support

    Event Support materials such as event surveys, stage plots, event notes, riders, etc.  Read More

  • Parallel Web Sites

    Other links that fold back to our web site.  Read More

  • Legal Notice

    Just to make sure you know that we aren’t implying that we have any connection to any TV game show (yet, fingers crossed) and are an independent producer, please read this “Legal Notice” in layman’s terms.  Read More