Snapshot 6 (1-4-2013 8-01 PM)With summer picnics fast approaching, we have some great games and game shows that you can book from Game Show Gurus. We want to help make your summer event (picnic, company gathering, block party, fair, festival, or venue)  fun and exciting.

If you want your outdoor summer event to be more than just inflatables or you want a personality to be the host of your family or staff event or you want to keep things organized so your staff planners can have fun, look no further. Many of our activities can be scaled or modified to run outside. Also great for summer fairs and festivals.

All games and activities can be targeted towards your staff  or their kids or both. Outdoor events usually have less “razzle dazzle” due to budget and environment condition.

Here are some cool ideas.

Mini Trivia Blitz or Interactive Trivia Blitz

IMAG0616Our standard and original trivia game show. This awesome game runs in the style of Jeopardy. We generally bring four contestant booths complete with flashing lights, bells and whistles, microphones, and digital scoring. Questions are asked and players can “buzz” in if they know the answer. Question material is usually fun at summer picnics but can be customized. Read More


Versus Game Show (2 or 4 team) or Mini Versus

Versus- Eisenhower Family Night 7Versus is our signature game show that has our game  team running fast physical challenge and trivia games, most lasting up to two minutes.  Each game uses four to eight participants per team at a time. That means using two teams simultaneously, up to 160 people get to participate in an hour. High energy music is played during each game and in between. 13 similar or different challenges can be played in an hour.   This show is our most popular school assembly game show but has been used for college and corporate events many times as well.   Outdoor version modifies countdown clock and scoring elements. See or call us for more details. Read More

Win It In A Minute

IMAG0602Designed in the style of the TV game show Minute to Win It, we bring out 3 to 5 sets of games that are generally played with one or two people each at a time.  This show can run in a tournament fashion or a random challenges fashion. Read More. 



Game Master

Many IMAG0609“DJ”s that you get  just don’t know how to keep guests involved. Let us run games from our Versus, Win It In a Minute, and general inventory in a random, non game show setting. Game is in our name and Games are what we do.  Our emcee and helpers run as many games as you would like. Common picnic games include Tug O War, Balloon/Egg Toss, Egg Spoon Relay, Hula Hoops, Water Carry Relay, and countless others. We are the game masters.  Music is played during the games. Read More. 

Trivia Cubes

Wireless%20Buzzer%20BuzzTrivia Cubes are small wireless “hit buttons” that can be placed at your tables.  Instead of having people come up on stage, the entire table can play a version of our Trivia Blitz game show from their seats.  The emcee then runs to the table to get their answer. Up to 20 buttons can be provided. Those buttons can be mapped to any number of teams.  General software shows a leaderboard. We also have Trivia Ladder and Trivia Board versions. Video is displayed on LED monitors under your tent.  Based on the same software, we also have Clobber, in which the lockout buttons consist of a helmet and a swimming noodle — hilarious.  Read More.


Our wireless game show with audience response keypads utilizes your guests cell phones and tablets as displays and lockout buttons. Trivia questions are displayed and your guests answer using their devices. A leader board is displayed on a video displays.  Trivia can be programmed easy or difficult. Can even be used with our “Clobber” – hit your neighbor on head with a swimming noodle.   Read More.



Extreme Bingo

Extreme Bingo - JeffThrow out that boring bingo. We customize our bingo boards with anything – trivia, words, people’s names, pictures, music, pictures, or music videos.  When you get the designated pattern (such as five in a row), you win.  Regular BINGO also available with our video call board. Read More. 




Guess The Price – outdoor modification 

IMG_0803Our modified game show loosely designed in the style of Price is Righ“. Two teams are brought up on “stage”.  Items are shown on video displays.  The people closest to pricing the items correctly get to play quick games of chance such as our Mini Plinko or Wheel of a Deal game. Read More. 




Survey Says – outdoor modification

Survey Says Mini (2 star).

Survey Says Mini (2 star).

Everyone loves our standard game show. Designed in the style of “Family Feud”, we have two teams guess the answers to “surveys” about subjective material.  Complete with a Face Off Podium (that can be used for Face Off Trivia afterwards).  Outdoor version uses outdoor quality LED video screens and reduced razzle dazzle / sets. Picture shows our scaled down “Mini Survey Says” used for a kids party.  See our web pages on Survey Says for more details.


Celebrity Game Challenge

20150526_141137Coming soon, our new “Celebrity Game Day” is a show designed in the style of Hollywood Game Night.  Along with our colleague Aaron Gesner, we invented this first  Two teams guess the answers to pop culture or show business questions  in a variety of low impact games.




Karaoke or Karaoke Idol 

Hoffmah Estates - July 4th 2007 001Of course we still have the equipment and updated music library to provide karaoke, a karaoke contest, or even Karaoke Idol (complete with the “X” buttons).  Professional sound equipment is provided with multiple mics and sound processing equipment. Read More. 




IMG_1824Green screen make your own music video using only your head on a computer generated body. Participants make a DVD or have their video posted to social media. Watch as it makes you and everyone else giggle.  Can be run outside in a tent. Also available — all kinds of green screen photos and BobbleNoggins.  Read More. 




DJ Music

Company Picnic Egg TossWe started all of this as a “DJ”. Book any of our attractions and get free DJ Music before and after.  We can even play DJ music standalone. Add Game Master for a more interactive picnic.  Read More. 



There’s more. See our main web site for more ideas. We can even provide a propane generator for ourselves if needed. Based in Chicago area, we do travel as far as needed if your budget allows.