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Planning a New Year’s Eve Party?

Planning a New Year’s Eve Promotional Event?

Do something different.  Host a game show.

(a promotion larger scale event usually hosted at a big venue in conjunction with multiple sponsors).

Add something extra to that DJ or Band. Make things exciting. Add entertainment diversification from your music stages.  Create a high energy atmosphere. Encourage audience participation. Show a 360 brand experience. Have a voice at your next event. Create excitement about sponsors. Get everyone involved. Bring people together. Grab their attention. Give Away . We keep them in suspense. Game Shows are the ultimate in experiential marketing, bring together socialization and community

For smaller New Year’s eve parties, bring Game Show Gurus to host one game show program before the DJ Music starts (which we can also provide).

For promotional events, we suggest something like our “Stage 2” which is a game show stage with ever changing trivia, survey, price guessing, physical challenge minute to win it type game show. Add audience response trivia from their smart phones.  (Combines our  Trivia Blitz, Survey Says, Guess The Price, Win It In a Minute, Star Power, and Karaoke Idol) into one game show. See our web site for more info on each.

Alternatively, we can host our Gigantic Game Show Give Away which is designed in the style of shows that ask you to make a deal or guess a price with high end props. We invite up to 50 people an hour to play large games of chance.  This makes a great sponsorship vehicle.  Awesome fit for any sponsor but especially  for Lottery and Casino sponsorships.  Game Show Give Away involves elements of our Take It Er Leave It, Star Power, Cash Drop,  Prize Drop and more. Requires great prizes and extra crew.

Another option, bring our Eyes on The Prize, a fast moving game show that is totally by chance to highlight sponsors and products.

Any way you slice it, Game Show Gurus will help make the New Year happy for your guests and your sponsors.

Give us a call or email today to find out specifically what can do for you.