This blog post talks about casino marketing but could easily be applied to any industry.

At a recent marketing conference I was at, a prominent chief casino marketing executive, Ginny Shanks who is currently Chief Marketing Officer at Pinnacle Entertainment (a chain of 16 casinos) and formerly has been in executive management at both Multimedia Games  (a slot machine manufacturer) and Caesar’s Entertainment gave one of the best keynote presentations on Behavior Trends in Marketing summing up perfectly what the themes that I see repeated in magazines like Event Marketer and Casino Journal as well as at countless marketing conferences.

According to my notes, there are six trends in consumer marketing:

  • Experiential – people want to experience
  • Socialization – people want to go out and have fun
  • Community – people want to be with people like them
  • Emotional Connection — it is important how people will feel at your event
  • Experience Diversification – it is important to offer something different than your competitor
  • Audience – important to interact with guests

Consumer Trends

There is a change in the nature of consumer purchasing.  The Internet shapes every aspect of the consumer’s purchasing behavior. Web presence is no longer enough. Business needs a multi platform strategy.  It is important for consumers to stay connected with the company. This is called connected consumerism. These consumers are engaged and look for custom made solutions.

There is always a new supply of (casinos) but not more revenue. Consequently, there is a record supply and a weaker demand. To grow your business, you need to connect, you need to offer them something more than the (casino) down the street.

For a casino, players can be enticed by a loyalty card that gives them value outside the casino. Remember a club is a group of like persons organized for social, literary, athletic, or other purposes.  A lounge is a place for sitting, especially in a large public room.  Is your venue a club or a lounge?

It is important to reach out to your guests and create a social platform. Guests need to feel they can interact. With that, they also need an emotional connection — people, especially consumers,  spend money with emotion and not necessarily practical. Does your venue create a social platform that encourages emotion – in this case exciting anticipation and energy?

Today’s market place is different that it was before. Consumers expect to be known and to be acknowledged. Relationships are more important than ever. In the past you could give away premiums and people would show up. It was free. Now people want to be touched, liked, and acknowledged. It has to be human.

But it isn’t only true in casinos.  Other brands are seeing how important interactions with customers are. For example, Target created an interactive dorm room that was filled with the season’s best trends and set it up on various campuses. According to Dan Griffis, VP Experiential Marketing and Alliances at Target: “While we know students are increasingly relying on digital experiences, we also know that they crave interaction and remember more from a physical experience than they do from just reading or hearing something.” (From Event Marketer Magazine, May 2014).

 For a game show promotion, we help you achieve the following:

  • Experiential – Game shows help create an experience – people get to be a participant or observer with your product as the highlight.
  • Socialization –   Game shows create a social atmosphere that encourages people to get out and about. Too often products like video games and slot machines don’t encourage socialization.
  • Community – Game Shows help people be with and interact with people like themselves
  • Emotional Connection – Game shows help create an emotional connection to a product or service by highlighting it in a large scale production. Game shows create a high energy emotion where someone will win something and guests think they can win also.
  • Entertainment Diversification – Game shows help evolve the experience and attract and differentiate those experiences.
  • Audience Game shows engage customers. They help you interact with them and they can interact with you. These help increase the benchmarks for success.

Can you say that your current marketing programs help achieve those six pillars of marketing?

Call us to help you achieve more and connect with your customers.

I have seen so many companies that are scaling back their marketing or are missing the point when it comes to their event marketing and promotions, that I felt it was important to share this blog post.