Companies everywhere in the Midwest are using Game Show Gurus as an alternative to the boring holiday party entertainment.

Game shows help answer the question of what to do when people won’t dance. Popular Game Shows for holiday parties include: Survey Says, Versus, Get Wired For This,


Game Show Gurus will bring cheer to your holiday events.

Well, it is that time of year — time to start planning for theholiday party. Are you looking for something unique for your holiday party? Do people really not want to “dance”?  We have the solution.

We can provide a variety of game shows that simulate your favorite TV shows or bring our unique spin

A few interactive game shows commonly booked for holiday events include our Survey Says, Category Challenge, or Ultimate Countdown. Get moving with our Versusgame show or Win It In a Minute. Involve everyone at once with our all new updated Get Wired For This gameshow using up to 500 audience response buzzers.Let’s see your skills have with our Talent Hunt.  Guess The Price of popular items with our TV take off of a popular game show.

With tighter budgets, book our Mini Trivia Blitz game show. Add some DJ music before and after for a complete party. The best part is that it is all self contained while eliminating costly audio visual rentals as we provide it all.

For large holiday parties, consider our Game Stations or our new Risk Rewardgame show called Gigantic Game Show Give Away.

And if you need a fun DJ or Karaoke, we can provide that also.

For more information, please see our newly updated web site –  or call us at 847-781-7033 for the latest information.

Night At The RacesBring the action and excitement of simulated horse racing to your event, complete with video projected races, betting windows, odds, play money, and play wagering slips. No real money is gambled here.  This enticing program can be a great stand alone program, or an addition to a game show or in conjunction with a casino night. Finish off the night with a prize auction or raffle. For more information, check out its web page or call us.

Gigantic Game Show Give Away
Coming to the next large promotion or corporate event is our brand new risk reward style game show that uses new large scale props designed in the style of the Pricing game or the Make a Deal game show — but improved. Excellent for giving away  prizes, It can involve up to 50 people per hour who are invited to play attractive, but easy risk reward games with names like Beat The Joker, Pocket Money, Cash Drop, and
Crazy PiesA varation of our large scale fundraiser and casino game show,  it is also great for a mall tour, fairs, promotional events, and excellent with sponsors.  Updated information is posted on our web site. See

Celebrity Squares is a newly modified game show designed in the style of that other Squares game. We take nine of your “Celebrities”, set them up on three levels, and place a LED matrix light in front of them capable of displaying an X or an O.  Then  we add two teams or players. Questions are asked of the celebrities, who may or may not have scripted answers. Players agree or disagree. If they are correct, they get to place  their symbol – X, O, or anything else in front of that celebrity. This is a hilarious game show.  The larger version uses high output large squares while smaller squares are available for smaller events. Budget events can use video projected display.  Watch for our new “Celebrity Four In a Row which will use seven celebrities withseven lights above them to see which team can get four in a row with the same rhythm.  Strategy and knowledge play a great part of this game show.  Read More.

Going Green Screen
Looking for something else different for your event?  Tired of the old photo booth? We have your solution – green screen photo and video options available from Game Show Gurus.

Pop Noggins- tales your guests face, cuts out their body and places it on a computer generated dancer.  Add your logo and everyone gets to take home a memorable DVD to play and upload to Facebook.  Great holiday songs are available. For more information and samples, see . Special holiday videos are available – makes great greeting cards and can be uploaded to social media.

Flip Movies  – we take a 10 second video of your guests and then convert it to a 60 page business card size flipbook, complete with branding and customization. Add props for a cool activity.

BobbleNogginssomething new and unique — we can take your face and put on your own life-size desktop bobblehead body — who do you want to be – basketball player, President, Fireman, and more.

Digital Graffiti Wall – participants take a digital photo that is displayed on a large screen. After the picture is taken, they can “paint” using digital paint tools on the picture adding quotations, faces, text, and the like.  Pictures are printed for guests and posted automatically to social media.

Also available, anything that you want to do with a green screen — photos, lenticular photos, and more

Companies in Chicago, IL;  Indianapolis,  Indiana, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin;  Minneapolis, St. Paul,  MN;  Toledo, Ohio, Peoria, IL, Maumee, Ohio; Cincinnati, Ohio, Ohio, Cedar Rapids, IA, Nashville, TN, Green Bay, Wisconsin;  Des Moines, Iowa, Kansas City, KS; Detroit, Michigan, Grand Rapids, MI; and many others have used our game shows for holiday party events.

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