Game Show Gurus has an awesome selection of game shows for your social event. Game Shows work great with weddings, anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvahs, sweet 16’s, , Quinceanaras, holiday parties, and more.

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It is important to note, that you do not need a game show party theme to host a game show. Our game show programs can work with any party theme that you may be using.  Sometimes we hear something like “we decided to go with a Country theme instead of a game show theme”.  That’s great – we can design a game show to work within your country theme (or any theme) for that matter including challenges, questions, ambient video and event set decorations.

Hosting a game show as entertainment is like hosting any other kind of entertainment — we create a fun and interactive atmosphere that everyone can participate in without having to dance.

Put our over 25 years of game show production and event planning and entertainment to work for you to create an awesome event that guests will talk about for a long time afterwards.

Of course, if you would like to have a game show theme party, we can help you go all out. Add our game show stations, add tons of props, add a high end game show like Gigantic Game Show Give Away, and let’s create tons of excitement.

Here are some of the other  party themes that a game show entertainment can work side by side with:

  • Casino Theme Party  (add a risk reward game show)
  • Luau Theme Party
  • Hollywood Theme Party  (game show about movies, tv, music)
  • Fiesta Theme Party
  • Sport Theme Party  (add games relating to sports)
  • College Theme Party (college type activities)
  • Decades – 50’s Theme Party, 60’s Theme Party, 60’s Theme Party, 80’s Theme Party  (questions all about these decades), Roaring 20’s
  • NASCAR theme party
  • Video Game theme party
  • Board Game theme party
  • Beach Party
  • Western Theme Party  (games with a country theme)
  • Rock Star Theme Party
  • Patriotic Theme PArty  (4th of July games)
  • Mardi Gras Theme Party
  •  Halloween Party  (spooky games)
  • Big Game / Super Bowl / World Series / Stanley Cup theme party’
  • Christmas Party game show (questions and activities can have a Christmas theme)
  • Your Theme here.


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