ultimate-countdown Ultimate Countdown is our original game show format that offers the perfect combination of speed and knowledge with fast paced action.This format is great for all types of events.

Game content is based on list questions. When playing the game, the countdown lights flash on the screen, and all of the players have multiple opportunities to be the first to buzz in and earn points by identifying any one of up to eight correct answers to each question. The clincher is that players may know a question is in play but never know when they can buzz in.

Ultimate Countdown typically incorporates 3 or 4 player positions(similar to our Trivia Blitz)  but can work with up to 16. Since the players at each of the positions represent a team, everyone can be part of the fun.

Countdown is great for college, social, and corporate events. Countdown is great when you have subjective or objective list type questions.

Ultimate Countdown is a great solution when you want to play a Survey Says type game with multiple teams simultaneously or material is more objective than subjective.

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