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Survey Says? is our rendition of the popular TV show in which two teams try to guess the top six to ten answers displayed on a board from subjective surveys (of 100 people). This is by far one of our most popular game show formats that we present.

Teams are either pre-selected or chosen at random. Survey Says? requires two teams of four to eight players per round. Material varies by the group can be “Kids/Family Oriented”, “Teenagers”, or “PG-13”.

Introduction – Before we start each round, we like to “get to know” the players by asking them a “loaded” interview question which is designed to get them to say something funny.

Game Play — A question is shown on the screen. Team captains face off at our deluxe podium for control of the board. If they get an answer on the board, the controlling team either plays the round or passes to their opponent. The answering team gets as many chances as necessary to find the most popular answers on our list. However, after three strikes, they lose control to the opposite team. The opposite team tries to “Steal” by getting one answer on the board. If the opposite team succeeds, they get all of the points. If the opposite team fails, the original team takes the points.

Alternate Game Play— The rhythm of games can now be modified so the highest answer gets control or control is alternated after every answer, as well as teams keep the points they accumulate.

Rounds—Generally one round of three to five questions is played per game with multiple games played in a sixty to ninety minute program. (However we can modify this to your needs).

Modifiers—contestants can be qualified to play either pre picked teams, volunteer, or play an audience response keypad game (All Play) or play physical challenge games.

Final Speed Roundusually not played unless there are more prizes to be won—but available if desired.

Teams – 4, 6, 8, or 12 teams are normal. The amount of people is only limited to how many can fit on stage. They can be pre-picked or random.

Rounds – depend on how many teams and the nature of the event. Sometimes we play 3 to 5 games and keep score or set up a tournament. Winners can be determined by highest score or a leader board

Time – Actual game show program usually lasts up to 90 minutes with additional music played before hand. Extended tournaments can be played.

Dress – Emcee dresses for the nature of the event — for casual events — Game Show Gurus Polo shirts are ok, some corporate events require shirt and tie, a few require a suit. How many emcees of game shows have you seen in tuxedos?   Rarely – but we can do that if the event calls for it.

This game is easy to customize and can be scaled from “Fly In” to “5-Star” and can include final speed round.

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