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Survey Says Podium Graphics 24 28 CoreyProduction Levels

Production levels for this game show can vary with budgets, location, amount of people, load in parameter’s, and venue. We usually provide a proposal based on these parameters. As the years go by, we redesign these sets every years as it evolves.

Mini/Simple (2 star)For small consumer events or to locations outside of comfortable driving distance from our Chicago base, we provide the essentials—host, table skirts for contestants, software, face off podium, and usually a sound system and video display (unless we are flying)..

Basic Complete (3 star) – designed for most lower budget corporate events—includes host, technical director, graphic backdrops,, graphic contestant counters, 4X6 screen, short throw projector, Face Off Podium, Software, sound system and accent lighting.

Enhanced Complete (3.5 star) – upgrades presentation with additional truss, upgraded contestant counters, intelligent lighting, larger screen, LED front lights, and more.

Lower High End (4 star) – trade show level counters, motion drapes or stretch drapes, customization, audience response surveys, etc.

High End (5-star) adds custom graphics, additional truss, trade show level back walls and counters, additional staff, high power stage lighting, truss over stage, programming, and more.

Customsets can be customized to client requests

Question Material

Pop Culture—Survey questions are generally “pop culture” targeted towards the audience (kids/families, corporate, college, high school, or promotion). They come from various sources over the years and sometimes are modified to make sense.

Client provided—use material that is subjective in nature where multiple answers are possible but you are looking for the most popular. Objective questions with a finite number of answers are better for other games including “Ultimate Countdown”

Live Survey Advanced—we can provide questions in advance and a link to a computer survey for guests to contribute before arriving at event. (This spoils the surprise)

Live Survey Onsite—for a new twist, guests can answer survey questions via our computer web surveys at the event. With enough time in between survey and game show, we can post result to our software and use in a live game show.

Custom—material can be programmed to your company or special event with questions relevant to your audience.


Design Options and Ideas

There are so many options it might be confusing. For simplicity we have separated these into levels on the previous page. Here are some others that can be substituted as desired.

Backdrops— options include red and blue drapes, graphic banners, stretch fabric, truss, motion drape, scenic backdrops, and high end trade show level graphics Truss arches with LED monitors for team names can be put over families (5-star).

Face Off Lockoutsrange from simple lockout buttons, digital numbers with mics, video screen podium. Can have our standard graphics or custom graphics at base or be placed on truss or LED pedestals for high tech look.

Counters—range from tables with colored table clothes, contestant pens, simple trade show counters with graphics, LED counters, truss tables, and new Multiquad. Standard trade show level counters are currently being updated (again).

Razzle Dazzle — includes curtain warmers, LED color changing panels, LED matrixes, scanning lights, and chasing LED bars.

Stage Lights—options include: none for small events, warm white PAR lighting, LED color changing PARS, high power stage lights, as well as truss above stage.

Software– We normally use Type A Software which has the best presentation. However, we also have Type B and Type C