Survey Says ?
for schools

Download Survey Says Cut Sheet PDF

Survey Says? is our rendition of the popular TV show in which two teams try to guess the top six answers from question surveys.

Teams are either pre-selected or chosen at random. Survey Says? requires two teams of four to six players each. The computer will show a question on the screen. Material varies from pop culture to general material to your questions. The top six answers are hidden on the board.

Game Play —Team captains face off at our deluxe podium for control to place the first answer on the board. The first team to buzz in and place an answer is the controlling team. The controlling team either plays the round or passes to their opponent. The answering team gets as many chances as necessary to find the most popular answers. However, after three strikes, they lose control to the opposite team.

Generally one round of three to five questions is played per game with multiple games played in a sixty minute program. (However, we can modify this to your needs).

What We Provide

  • Contestant pens
  • Face off podium with lockout system and microphones
  • Sound system including wireless microphone for emcee, mixer, and CD Players
  • Stage PAR 38 lights
  • Colored pipe and drape backdrop
  • Front or rear video projection and screen
  • All material (unless client would like to provide it)
  • All pre event coordination, trucking, load in, load out, and set up
  • Ambient video between games
  • “Survey Says” banners

Options You May Provide

  • Logo sign for emcee podium or backdrop
  • Prizes and or audience premiums
  • List of contestants
  • List of promotional announcements
  • Judges

Site Needs to Provide

  • 1 20-amp circuits
  • Stage area: 24 feet wide by 16 feet deep minimum.
  • 1 Six Foot Tables for Sound Equipment

Producer’s note: From our experience, this game show goes great with all age groups because of its TV presence popularity, its simplicity, and its group nature. This game show is exciting, fun, versatile, and challenging. It is, by design, different paced that some other game shows, including our own Interactive Trivia Blitz.