Subjective game shows usually have multiple answers to a question — they are “Trivia” based, but not usually as rigid as Fast Trivia games. Subjective game shows ask the participant to guess answers in which there may be more than one correct answer or give opinions.

Survey Says

survey3Is a popular game show format and is designed in the style of the Family Feud.

The top six to ten answers to our surveys are on the board. Two teams of five try to guess the answers. But be careful, get three strikes and the other team gets to “steal”.

Complete with contestant counters, face off podium, game board, host, emcee, lights. New audience involvement and “Fast Money” options available.

Can be customized to your group with questions pertaining to your company or campus. Add live “surveys” via audience response. Read  More for Survey Says Adults. Survey Says for kids and families is also available.


Ultimate Countdown

ultimate-countdown Ultimate Countdown is our original game show format that offers the perfect combination of speed and knowledge with fast paced action.This format is great for all types of events.

Game content is based on list questions. When playing the game, the countdown lights flash on the screen, and all of the players have multiple opportunities to be the first to buzz in and earn points by identifying any one of up to eight correct answers to each question. The clincher is that players may know a question is in play but never know when they can buzz in.

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Word Play

wheel Is a word solving game show that is based on the paper game “Hangman”. Up to five teams can play with or without trivia.

Always popular because it designed in the style of a common TV game show—but of course with our own twists.

Also known as Trivia Wheel and Wheel of Knowledge. We have three different software license brands that run a game in this format.

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Celebrity Game Challenge

We had versions of this game long before NBC set up their own living room in Hollywood.
Our version of “Celebrity” was tabled but is being brought back now. More details to follow.


Relationship Games


The sum total of several game shows that deal with relationships.

  • Date Me is a dating style show in which three bachelors are questioned by a bachelorette. And Visa Versa.
  • Pair and Compare is designed in the style of Newlywed Game except with roommates, dating couples, co-workers, or friends. Works great with our Mini Trivia Blitz podiums and pairs well as a complimentary game for adult fun club type events.
  • The One And Only is designed in the style of the MTV classic Singled Out in which 100 people are reduced to one based on a set of variables.
  • Speed Meeting Our ice breaker creation—Run a lot like “Speed Dating”, guests get to meet each other, convey primary facts, and then are later brought
    up for a fast moving trivia game.

Celebrity Squares

tictac Celebrity Squares is an impressive way to have fun and show off your key people. This game takes Tic Tac Toe to a new level.

In this game the celebrities are picked by a contestant and asked a question, they answer with a funny, fake or even a correct answer and the contestant has to agree or disagree with the celebrity’s answer. We provide 25” super bright LED Displays and if needed, trusses, podiums, full audio visual, production, and more.

Shown in the corner are the LED Squares places on low risers. We can provide larger staging and / or place them on scaffolding for a more uniformed look. (However, this gets a little expensive).

Ask about new Celebrity Four In a Row which is a similar game with seven celebrities and a large matrix display.

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