Take It Er Leave It is an awesome game show designed in the style of  TV’s Deal or No Deal and various other risk reward game shows. As always, Game Show Gurus takes this show in a new direction.

The base premise is simple. Between 12 and 26 identical briefcases are filled with a dollar amount. Generally one contestant or team picks the case that he/she/they think has the best prize and put it aside.  Then, to see if they picked the right case, the contestant opens other cases that hopefully contain the least valuable prizes. Every so often our “banker” offers to “buy” the case that was put aside for a calculated amount. The player decides to take the deal or leave it. This process continues until we are down to the last remaining cases.  At some point the deal will be so tempting that most people “take the deal”.

This makes a great promotion because when people see other people winning a prize, they think they can to and spend more money. Add to that the excitement and drama when big cash may be on the line, everyone will stop (temporarily) to watch the contestant and encourage them to “take it or leave it”. For non casino event, any prize may be used.

For Casinos

Casino and Promotions generally use dollar amounts as prizes, either guaranteed by the client or insured by a prize/promotion insurance company.

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Generally, a casino will book this promotion for a month and run it several times during the day pulling one name from their player’s club system. On occasion, we have booked this for the entire weekend for several weekends in a row or several times during the week.

Promotional events or trade show events, might run one or more days of promotions as well.

Scalability— Take It Er Leave It shows best with a wow factor inside with a full set. For a floor promotion with limited space, an entire “5-star” promotion with all of the bells and whistles can fit in a 24 foot X 8 foot space.  If space is an issue, we can cut out the “live” briefcase s and use only video projection or an  LCD Monitor on truss and the main “Take it button.

Entertainment Stages—  when larger space is available, we can make this an even bigger deal with larger screens, live “models” (budget permitting) and more razz matazzaz.

Contestants can be picked using either our audience picker or a casino’s player’s club system, randomly, and/or through a preliminary set of contests .

Prizes—from our experience, even though a large prize is “advertised” in the one of the cases, it is rare that more than 25% of that is paid out on average during any one game at most and usually the resulting prize is less than that making it a good risk reward promotion for the host venue.  For example, if the top prize is $20,000 in one of the cases, we have after running this show about 100 times, only seen a player win that once with most taking a deal less than $2000. Of course you decide what is in the cases and can use any values that you would like.

Banker—Our computer software uses an algorithm to make offers depending on the values left in the cases and how many are left less an “offset”. This creates lower offers in the beginning but they get more lucrative as the game goes on. This contributes to the excitement of the game. These algorithms and offsets can be modified or overridden with manual offers if the client would like.

Here is a sample video of this game show as a casino floor promotion.

Variations and Options (mostly for corporate events)

This game can be used as a finale or bonus round to another game show, allowing the winners to make a deal for their prizes.

We could run this game in double. Trivia rounds can be added at the beginning with the winners allowed to play Take It Er Leave It.

We can set this as a Game Station, allowing guests to play during the night. A Leader Board is kept. The guest who makes the best deal gets a prize at the end of the event.

This game could be run in “double”. Two teams could try to simuteneously make a deal. The best deal at the end of the contest or the fastest wins.We call this “Double Deal”.

We could run these in double. Includes a hit button and a phone. Clients normally supply prizes unless arrangements are made in advance.

Download casino version PDF data sheet Take It Er Leave It – June 2013

Corporate version of data sheet is coming soon.