starStar Power is an exciting game of chance that can be played just for fun or to give away prizes. It can be run as its own promotion as an  element of our Gigantic Game Show Give Away.

Players:  1—4

Game Board: Any even number between 4 and 24 “Stars” containing a standard value (5-200 points) or customized values. Values are “hidden” behind a “star”.

Game Play: The computer selects a starting player. Each player starts the game “banking” a star. This star is put away and it’s value kept secret until the end of the game.

Players then alternate opening stars. Each value of the star is added to their score. In some cases, some stars may have a double bonus value or a “hole”. If a player opens a black hole star, the value of that star is subtracted from their score.  This process repeats until all of the stars are opened.  Players can be given an option to “play” or “pass” upon each star. The excitement builds as points are added or taken away from the players, all with out of this world graphics and sounds Once all of the stars are revealed we show the stars from the bank; this can change everything! Prizes can be given for the most points or actual value players achieve.

Players scores can be displayed on our standard 3 digit or 4 digit podiums (if there is room on the stage) or just displayed on a screen.

Game Play Time: With 24 stars, each round lasts about 15 minutes.

Customization: Entire prize structure can be customized with real values. A special version that only uses prizes is available.

Branding: Logos and podiums. Branding of computer software may be available.

Modifiers: We can override which player is active in play.

Podiums Bases:  On carpeted cases with graphics, truss/led bases, or multiquad bases with graphics.

Video Screens: 42” LCD, 60” LCD, short throw video screen, hi res video curtain (all depending on stage needs). (Photo below is from a Star Power segment of Gigantic Game Show Give Away.  Lights with the “100” and “joker” are part of a different game. )

Jeff Looking At Scren in Star Power

What We Provide (varies by production level)

  • Up to four individual contestant booths with lockouts (not used) , microphones, and digital scoring.
  • Computer with software that interfaces with podiums.
  • Sound system including wireless microphone for emcee, fold back monitor, mixer, MP3 players, and button activated microphones on booths
  • LED PAR Stage Lights
  • Backdrop—such as motion drape or trade show booth walls
  • Branding
  • All pre event coordination, trucking, load in, load out, and set up
  • Video Display options for: 42”/60” LCD in display wall, video screens, etc)
  • Video Foldback Monitors (when necessary so players can see game board)
  • Professional emcee and technical director.
  • Lighting: Optional trusses, intelligent lights, etc.
  • Set designed based on proposal and logistics.
Options You May Provide
  • Logo sign for emcee podium or backdrop
  • Prizes and or audience premiums. Award for player with highest points or actual value.
  • List of contestants
  •  List of promotional announcements
 Site Needs To Provide
  • ( 1) 20-amp circuits
  • Stage area: 20 feet wide by 8 feet deep minimum

 Producer’s Note: This game show which is sometimes used as an element of our Gigantic Game Show Give Away, makes a great promotion on its own for casinos, event marketing,  and general promotions. It excites crowds and keeps their attention. Rotate this game throughout the l day for maximum effect. This is also a simpler version of our “Promotion Commotion”  / “Eyes on The Prize” game show which involves more people.

Download this as PDF Star Power – Promotion Edtion 2014