pick-a-pair Pick a Pair Promo is an awesome quick turnaround trade show traffic builder or game show station game. Now a mini game as part of our “Game Show Give Away” or our “Guess The Price” shows.

Totally customizable, the object is very simple. It’s a quick turnaround match game of concentration. We set up the screen with 9 to 16 squares. Underneath those squares can be a logo, a picture, a number, or anything else. We then reveal what is under the covers for five seconds at a time. Two or more of the squares will match. The participants will then guess the matching squares. If they are correct, they get a prize, if not, they may get a consolation prize. Play only lasts two minutes.

This game can be modified to use two teams. If the first team gets it wrong, the second team gets a chance. This could combine well with our “Face Off” game.

Moving lights, sound effects, and an interactive host add to the excitement.

The last time this was run, the client chose to run three separate games (with seven versions of each game). Under each square was a time card or slogan that represented their company. Running the game reinforced to the buyers their key concepts. No matter if they won or lost, each player got to take home a picture of them playing the game show.

With so much flexibility and quick turn around, this game is sure to be a winner.