money-machineStep inside one of our many models of money machine or cash cubes for various budgets.

Great as a stand alone attraction or and ending to a larger game show or promotion. Have the winnner of a trivia game step into the money machine.

These machiens make best promotions for all kinds of events.

Some typical events would be car dealers, banks, grand openings, trade shows, radio stations, casino nights, bingo halls, nightclubs and bars, flea markets, sporting events, malls, private & corporate parties, charities, fund raisers, sales incentives, riverboats, amusement parks, school & church groups, grocery stores, small retail businesses and many more business opportunities.

Cash Cubes and Money Machines for Promotions and Trade shows, are one of the most effective promotional devices because it allows everyone who plays a chance to win real money or a chance at prize vouchers. These money machines are used by casinos, banks, malls, auto dealerships, radio stations etc. These machines can be used to blow cash, paper money, voucher, certificates or any paper product. Winnings are controlled by time in machine, denomination of cash, and amount of cash in machine. Corporate Branding is available. In addition to the programmable LED moving message sign and color changing lights for indoor events that comes standard with most our units, we can provide custom graphics to further enhance the appeal and impact of our money machine cash cubes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much cash will I give away in the money machine: if using real cash?
We like to tell participants at our events that they can grab the cash and put it into a supplied apron or through a slot in the front of the machine. The only rule is you can’t grab below your knees. This keeps them from just reaching down and grabbing the cash off the floor.

Spectator laughs immediately begin as the participant inside the machine begins to squirm and stash the cash. If you use this scenario, we recommend inserting approximately 200 bills into the machine for optimum circulation. With 200 bills in the machine, the participant will grab about 20 to 35 bills on the average; based on 20 – 25 seconds in the machine.
You can use all one dollar bills, which is usually the case, or you can mix 5’s, 10’s, 20’s, etc. We will often insert 200 one-dollar bills and one $100 bill in to see who gets lucky.

You can reduce the amount of bills taken out by reducing the amount of time that the participant has to grab the airborne bills. Bottom line is – you can give away as little or as much as you would like.

Trade Shows: The Money Machine will have a 100% success rate at drawing traffic and attention to your trade show booth. It’s as much fun to watch as it is to play. We suggest setting up a “Fun Wheel”, which we also manufacture, in your booth for potential clients to spin. If they land on WINNER, they get the chance to enter the money machine and grab for cash or coupons. You may also offer the incentive of “buy at the show” and get a chance to enter te money machine for a chance at the $100 bill
Grand Openings / Bank Promotions / Radio Station Promos / Fund Raisers: We have been especially successful with bank grand openings and radio stations looking for new ideas for remote broadcast promotions.

Casino Promotions: Casinos are always looking for new ideas to generate interest and build client relations “The Money Machine” meets the high standards required by the casino market. Our machine can sit in the middle of the casino floor and be attractive from all angles

Employee Appreciation Programs: We rent our money machines frequently for corporate functions. Company holiday parties and picnics are a great source for rentals. A raffle ticket drawing for a shot at the money machine could make a company picnic or party very interesting.

Car Dealerships: This is the perfect market for a money machine promotion. How about offer a chance to enter the money machine if you purchase a vehicle on an advertised weekend. Set The Money Machine in a showroom floor and watch the attention it will attract. How about sending your sales staff to the money machine if they meet their monthly forecast.
For a greater impact, add a money machine cash cube to the end of game show event.