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Benefits for Sponsors (especially lottery and gaming)

Game Shows create excitement for customers, interest new customers, and increase the visibility of your product or brand. Imagine the excitement of your customers and potential customers when the name of the game show is “giving away prizes”.

Maximize Sponsor Visibility

Gigantic Game Show Give Away is usually at a large event that draws a lot of people whose demographics are in line with (Lottery/Casino) player profiles.  It delivers a message of fun and entertainment to adult demographics with an educational background. Game show stages provide on site signage visibility

Enhance Sponsor Image

Game shows project the image that your brand  (lottery/casino) is fun and socially acceptable part of the community and lines ups well with other sponsors.  Game Show stage sponsorship can  translate into sales revenue, especially if you have on site kiosks (such as a Lottery booth)) as well as incremental sales at your retail outlets or location.

Provide Promotional Extension

Game shows are a great way to interact with your customers/players and has an opportunity to motivate all attendees.  We can add additional brand ambassadors to help with promotion.

Create Purchase Drivers

Since game shows have a high energy and exciting atmosphere, they can be “purchase drivers” (the factors that propel people to make a purchase). This is especially true at Business to Consumer events where emotions are always involved.


A casino, lottery, or not for profit could sell tickets or wristbands to see the show  and/or tickets to be called up to participate. Sponsors must follow all local gaming laws to see if Game Show Give Away is considered “gambling” if there is a pay to play.  It is probably not an issue for a Lottery sponsor as they already have clearance.  If a sponsor sells tickets, they will more than make up for the production cost and possibly even profit.


Outdoor staging will have many places to put banners — on the back wall, overhead, and on each side panel as well as on the backside of our stage trailer. Inside events have even more options for branding.