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Casinos – Use our show as a large floor promotion or put us in  an entertainment hall and charge for tickets. You can also give it away free to your top players in a smaller hall.

Promotions & Event Marketing — use our game show as a sponsorship vehicle at any event, festival, or fair. Let us run shows every so often and watch people wait for the chance to possibly win prizes. Festivals might even give you free space if you bring a show in. Stage trailer is available for a turnkey operation. We are even available for event marketing tours and can duplicate ourselves.

Theatres – Aattract people to your venue on a dark night. Add sponsors.  Offer an insured prize and watch your house sell out.

Malls – Give people bonus points and entries for spending money in your mall. End the promotion with a grand game show to win more prizes. It will be a smash and your tenants will love it.

Colleges – For college events, this is a game show like no other. It is what we call a “concert level game show” because we find that college students like to win stuff. We have come through with a large scale game show with high end production. Add an insured prize and it will sell out tickets. It costs a bit more than those cheesy shows touring colleges but it will be the highlight of the year.  It may even pay for itself.

Cruise Ships – Forget the traditional hypnotist or comedian as well as low production shows. Bring our game show that will wow your guests. Charge for chances to play just like selling bingo cards.

Festivals – Gigantic Game Show Give Away makes a great “grandstand” or large expo hall show.  You can even  sell tickets when people have the chance to win prizes and all they have to do is “guess”. Not for profit groups could sell raffle tickets to participate. Consult your local gaming laws.

Company Events – For large scale corporate events or sales meeting, bring in Gigantic Game Show Give Away for the wow factor. We can even brand to your message. Great way to give away prizes to participants. Add a “pricing game” modifier and we can bring our version of one of the most popular right price shows but price your products and services.

Trade Show Stage – Keep attendees on the show floor because throughout the day, they will have a chance to play mini games and win prizes. Entries can be gained from your lead retrieval system (the more booths that swipe your badge the more entries that you get), badge swipe kiosk, or random names. At the end of the day during the reception, we will run the show with big prizes and all attendees will wait for the end. Exhibitors will rebook on the spot.

Fundraisers – For an extra special black tie event instead of just auctioning off some items, have a complete game show production with chances to win prizes. Of course you are charging for tickets and getting sponsors. Your will raise more money than with a simple affair. Great for religious groups, charities, schools, and more. Another idea: Guests can win play money and add our auctioneer for a chance to win real prizes.

Anything Else – have a use for this game show? We will present it your way.


Branding – all of our games and set can be branded with the sponsors’ logos and names.

Insured Prize – increase attendance to your event by offering the possibility of a large prize. This prize may only be awarded if certain conditions are met and can be insured by one of our partners.  For example, the final contest may be something like an envelope game. The player picks three envelopes with values in them. If they all add up to $1000, he might get $20,000 or the entire audience might win something like $100.  This creates excitement, anticipation, and keeps the audience until the end.