Case Study for Game Show Effectiveness

My associate, Paul, who used these many of these exact props before me, has worked with many state lotteries (including  Texas, Louisiana, Virginia, Idaho, Montana, and Florida) at their respective State Fairs. Some of them have been going for over ten years running. These game shows ran for 30 or 60 minute at a time, sometimes as much as four times per day. At each game presentation, hundreds and sometimes thousands of people would gather at each show  with the hopes of being one of the lucky few to win prizes. These game shows invite 50 people an hour to play about eight mini games.  The prize may be something small (small cash value such as $100, a physical prize  co-sponsorship gift cards, and  maybe with a chance to play in a final game show for possibly larger prizes).  Consolation prizes are usually lottery tickets (n the case of a lottery sponsor). People want to win something and we find that showing people winning prizes creates an illusion that everyone can win which of course leads to incremental sales at retail.  Paul’s sponsors found that those shows were the most popular attraction at the State Fairs and that people would actually wait around for the next show and buy tickets in the process.

 Our Spin

Building on our other game shows, we have added our own spin on presentation and production to these tested game show props. We have even added more razzle dazzle and games to create the best show ever.

While your promotion department may be able to present a show, we have taken all of the work out of it and can keep it very cost effective and turnkey for you so they can work on other projects.  We provide a completely brand able trailer stage, truss, a host, lights, sound, technician, all game props, and excitement. All you need to do is secure space at an event and provide the prizes. If you would like, you can even bring your sales trailers to sell product on site. We will build the traffic.