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For a more exciting event and to prop up attendance, add the option of having one person get the chance to play for a high value prize such as $100,000.

100K billsThis of course, is insured if certain conditions are met. A cost effective way would be to play the “envelope game” or a video version of the envelope game.

The chosen player (chosen randomly by our audience picker or a winner of one of the previous games) picks three envelopes out of 25. Each envelope has a dollar amount in it. If the three envelopes add up to $1000, then the player wins $100,000.  The host venue would pay all amounts less than the $100,000.

The maximum payout and the value of the envelopes can of course be changed to meet your budget.   We could, for example, offer a $10,000 prize — if envelopes add up to $100, then the player would win the $10,000 prize.  All other payouts would be handled by the presenter.

Alternatively, we can play a game of full Take It Er Leave It and insure that prize.

The difference between an insured prize game and one of our games is that the insurance company needs some sort of controls to guarantee the accuracy of the promotion.