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The Great  Gigantic Game Show Give Away ™ is a fast moving audience participation using mostly risk reward games designed to create incremental sales at retail, highlight sponsors, create excitement, and give away valuable prizes.

The Gigantic Game Show Give Away is designed in part, in the style of TV game shows that ask players to make a deal, guess prices, or play larger than life  and scenic mini-games.

What Are You Gonna Get

Everyone who participates in our game show gets a prize and those who “win” the challenges receive a larger prize. We can even set it up so everyone in the audience wins something. (Everyone Wins !)

Actual props used in each game show may vary by event and are usually tailored to the technical capabilities and space at hand.

Furthermore, to create additional excitement, after the player or players win, they can advance to a winners’ circle for a chance at an even bigger prize such as stepping into our money machine or playing a grand prize game.

The Gigantic Game Show Give Away is a fun interactive game show that involves 50 or more people in an hour and motivates everyone else that they too can be a winner. The prize values can be adjusted to meet your budget, with each game having a designated maximum payout of cash or physical prize.  People will love this show because they want to win something with minimal effort. Like the lottery or casino floor, players crave the anticipation and that’s what this game show delivers.

For all shows, we provide host, emcee, technical director, model/stage hands, game show props, and more. If needed, we provide lights, sound, video, and even a stage trailer for outdoor events.

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Typical Sequence

  • First people who would like to play can register (generating a mailing list for you), and receive a number or wristband.
  • Using our special audience picker software, our computer picks a name or a number of a contestant or multiple contestants depending on need. This number is shown on our video screens or outdoor video wall type displays. (Contestants can also be picked by hand).
  • Next, the player will be interviewed and we will play one of about eight oversize games on our game show props.
  • We have some unique games like Cash Drop, Rat Trap, Crazy Pies, Beat The Joker, Star Power, Jackpot  and some that players have heard of like a game designed in the style of Plinko. Many of them are risk reward types but some take a little skill. And that makes them easy to win.
  • Many games invite some audience members to play or win if the stage player wins or sometimes if the stage player loses the mini game.
  • After each mini game, the big winner will get a prize and all other participants will get a consolation prize.
  • This process will continue for the designated time (typically 45-90 minutes) .
  • Before the show ends, all “winners”  will have a chance at a bigger prize with one last game.



The name Gigantic Game Show Give Away is a trade mark of Game Show Gurus.