promotion-commotionEyes on the Prize (also know as our Promotion Commotion) is great when you want to highlight multiple sponsors and create an exciting oportunity for people to win prizes, all without a lot of effort.

Eyes on the Prize is a fast moving game show in which participants are called randomly or by a lottery. A wager s thrown out.Players “buzz in”, if they get it correct, they get points. After that, they pick a square off our category board. They get the prize (or point values) that is behind the square. If they get a zonk, they go back to the audience and a new name is called to have someone take over.This prize will be one of your sponsors prizes.

Then we show a symbol. This symbol is related to one of the podiums. (Each podium starts with 5 cards of its symbol which can also be an exhibitor/sponsor logo). After a logo is shown, we eliminate the card. If a podium loses all of its cards, it is closed. The goal is to be the last ones on stage or have the most points.

This game can be modified in many ways. With sponsors it can be called “Promotion Commotion” and we can use real prizes instead of  generic prizes/gift cards, cash values, or player points. It is also great for fund raisers.

A smaller version of this game show is called “Star Power”. Star Power is also available as a mini game in our Gigantic Game Show Give Away.

Photo in corner shows a low production level showcase of this game concept.