Risk / Reward game shows are based on games of chance. Most of them involve little knowledge and mostly guessing. They are great as promotional games, on their own, or as a final round to another game show.

Gigantic Game Show Give Away

Game Show Give Away Gigantic LogoThe Great Gigantic Game Show Give Away ™ is a fast moving audience participation using mostly risk reward games designed to create incremental sales at retail, highlight sponsors, create excitement, and give away valuable prizes.

The Gigantic Game Show Give Away is designed in part, in the style of TV game shows that ask players to make a deal, guess prices, or play larger than life and scenic mini-games. Read More


Guess The Price

Responding to client requests, we have taken elements of a popular TV pricing game show and made it cost effective to bring to any type of event while involving a lot more people.

Guess The Price generally has two groups of four people guessing the price of items shown on our video screen.

The top two winners get to advance to a second round where they play a game of chance such as Wheel of a Deal, Prize Drop, Mountain Climber, Price Match, Which Number, Hole in One, Lucky Board, Beat The Clock game and many others.

The winners of these rounds usually get a prize. This process repeats as needed. Items to price can be anything and are targeted towards the audience.

We of course add our set, props, audio visual, and razzle dazzle.

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Take It Er Leave It

TakeItOrLeaveIt_LogoTake It Er Leave It is an awesome game show designed in the style of  TV’s Deal or No Deal and various other risk reward game shows. As always, Game Show Gurus takes this show in a new direction. Now part of our Gigantic Game Show Give Away.

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Star Power

star-powerStar Power is an exciting game of chance that can be played just for fun or to give away prizes. It can be run as its own promotion as an  element of our Gigantic Game Show Give Away.

Up to four players alternate picking values in hidden “stars” on our video screen. Collect the most points and win.

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Eyes on The Prize

promotion-commotionEyes on the Prize (also know as our Promotion Commotion) is great when you want to highlight multiple sponsors and create an exciting oportunity for people to win prizes, all without a lot of effort.

Eyes on the Prize is a fast moving game show in which participants are called randomly or by a lottery. A wager s thrown out.Players “buzz in”, if they get it correct, they get points. After that, they pick a square off our category board. They get the prize (or point values) that is behind the square. If they get a zonk, they go back to the audience and a new name is called to have someone take over.This prize will be one of your sponsors prizes.

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Pick A Pair Promo

pick-a-pairPick a Pair Promo is an awesome quick turnaround trade show traffic builder or game show station game. Now a mini game as part of our “Game Show Give Away” or our “Guess The Price” shows.

Totally customizable, the object is very simple. It’s a quick turnaround match game of concentration. We set up the screen with 9 to 16 squares. Underneath those squares can be a logo, a picture, a number, or anything else. We then reveal what is under the covers for five seconds at a time. Two or more of the squares will match. The participants will then guess the matching squares. If they are correct, they get a prize, if not, they may get a consolation prize. Play only lasts two minutes.

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Wild Cards

Wild CardsWild Cards is a risk reward game show based on the card game of high/low along with the guessing of how many people answered a survey. This game can be run straight out of the box or have custom surveys along with live surveys using audience response buzzers. Cards can be branded and this game can be modified in other ways. Your crowd will go wild