wii The Wii game station is a wonderful thing. It is one of several games that makes the players go through the actual actions for sports games like tennis, golf, table tennis, bowling, skiing, boxing and more. Carnival games, skill games like “Game Party”, Family Game Night, and arcade games like Pac Man and Mariokart are available as well as performance games like Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Karaoke Contest, and Wii Music. Practically any activity, carnival game, or skill has a related Wii game. The best part is they can change on a dime. Want Ski Ball, Ping Pong, and Shuffleboard? One Station can do it all.

Add a variety of “Game show” games that run on a Wii. These TV like game shows can be like self running kiosks that run on Wii stations during cocktail hours and social evens. Games include: Family Feud, Minute To Win It, Press Your Luck, and more.

To capitalize on this, we have created the Wii Game Arcade in which two or more Wii game stations, complete with 32” or larger LCD Monitors, color changing lights, backdrop, signage, and all props are grouped together to make an exciting attraction. Upgraded controllers for special games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Dance Revolution, and more are also included.

See also XBOX Kinnect Arcade.

Download Wii Game Arcade Flyer