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img2Introducing the latest event craze that’s taking the nation by storm. PopNoggins! PopNoggins is an interactive attraction utilizing green-screen technology to create hilarious experiences and unique keepsakes for your guests. Feel the buzz that’s created wherever PopNoggins goes and watch the audience grow as your guests make music video magic live on set! The magic occurs when we superimpose each participant’s head onto professional dancing bodies. The buzz is generated when the animated music videos are displayed live on our giant flat screen monitors. The fun is extended when each PopNoggins participant gets their very own DVD of their performance to take home and share with family and friends or share on social media.

PopNoggins is the newest sensation appearing at events everywhere. We entertain guests by putting their heads in a live music video on top of professional dancers’ bodies, All of this is accomplished using state-of-the-art “chroma key” (green screen) technology, They don’t have to sing or even know the song — just bounce your head !! Meanwhile other guests watch on a big screen monitors it happens Many people want to try it next, everyone is laughing hysterically —- you have a hit at your event. PopNoggins is suitable for all audiences. We produce an instant music video to take home, and the laughter on the spot.

Guests choose from 50 popular songs and over 20,000 different combinations of those songs, allowing one, two, or three people to participate in the music video. Each guest will take home their very own DVD of their performance or we can upload to social media for instant sharing.

How Does It Work?

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  1. Put a Green Screen Neck Cape on
  2.  Choose your bodies from our selection on each song
  3.  We combine your face with our dancing bodies.
  4.   A DVD is created or uploaded to social media.