bobblenoggins Bobble Noggins is an amazing new interactive, fun and exciting experience that drives traffic and builds excitement at all types of events. If you are considering hot and new ways to add the wow effect to your events Bobble Noggins can do just that.

Now for the best part, Bobble Noggins are brand new! Field tested first time reviews include comments such as: “A Real Wow”, “Marvelous”, “Explosive Fun” and “Fantastic;” Bobble Noggins is the next big thing!

How does it work? Guests are photographed in front of a “green screen” and our custom Bobble Noggins system prints and cuts the head for you. Attach their head to a Bobble Body and it transforms into an instant BOBBLE NOGGIN. Guests select their dream role from our wide selection of BOBBLE BODIES.

An “instant gratification” answer to the traditional “bobble heads” –an affordable alternative that allows the customer to “live their fantasy.