green-screen Green Screen and photo traffic builders are a great way to create a branded keepsake that attendees will take home and remember your brand or event.

Game Show Gurus added these to our inventory because many times they compliment a game show, add to a promotion, or supplement an event that we are already at.

Choose from music videos, photos, flipbook movies, BobbleNoggins, Graffiti Wall, and Instant Mosaic.



PopNoggins Video

Six People 123 Web

PopNoggins is a cool green screen music video attraction in which guests heads are digitally attached to professional dancer bodies on video. The result will just make you giggle. DVD’s are created or videos are uploaded to social media.

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Flipbook Movies

Flipbook movies are a cool photo attraction in which guests create a seven second video that is then printed to a business card size “flipbook”. The movie moves as the book is flipped.

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Fliptastic Photos

Fliptastic Photos are pictures with two images that are separated by a lens. Which picture appears depends on how the lens is angled.

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Create your own “BobbleHead”.  BobbleNoggins are desktop size figures with your guest’s face, one of 100 body types, and of course your branding. We capture your guests’ face, digitally cut it, and then put the spring loaded image  on one of 100 twelve inch high bodies that are representative of careers, athletes, and more. Be all you can be.

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Green Screen Photos

We can create any type of green screen photos such as magazine covers or event photos. Any background, add branding.

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Instant Mosaic

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