The Wheel Deal takes the concepts of Interactive Trivia Blitz a step further.

A Category Wheel with a variety of cateogies is set up. Audience members are called up to spin the wheel before every quesiton. The host then pulls a question from that category. Categories can include: Music, TV, Movies, Games, Sports, General, History, Sound Clips, and more.

During a normal Trivia Blitz game, the host reads questions from our proprietary E-Readers because the material is in a certain order.For Category Busters, the host must be behind a podium with either cards sorted into categories or a computer with each category.

The set up is similiar to Interactive Trivia Blitz, but adds another 10 feet of pipe and drape, a host podium, a category wheel, additional lights, and more.

Two or more teams can play. The picture shown was of a 3-Star for ABN AMRO/La Salle Bank. They chose to use two teams and thus a scoreboard/timer was added as well.