Two teams compete to place their “X” and “O’s” but they must answer questions successfully before doing so. This game can vary with different software programs. We can either play straight video “Tic Tac Toe”, add the option for teams to answer questions before placing their “X” or their “O”. We can also create larger game boards with game boards as large as 5X5 and as many as 3 Teams. (Team 3 uses a triangle). Sound efffects and loads of other options. In addition, players can be forced to “buzz in” before placing their letter. This creates a lot more excitement.

This game can also be run “Standard” which means it uses a standard game board and regular lock outs. This is great for outdoor events.

Game scalability: This game can be scaled from Fly In to 5-Star. It would also make a great game show station or trade show booth attraction since it can be set up for very short rounds.

Agree or Disagree Variation

We can also expand this game even further making it more in the style of Hollywood Squares. In that format, a full scale three level set can be set up with nine “Celebrities” or employees. Two teams alternate turns. Before placing a square, a celebrity is asked a question and gives an answer. Team must agree or disagree. If they are correct, they can place their X or O. The lifesize set is an expensive proposition and only available as “5-Star”. We can develop a video version, taping answers to questions given to your “celebrities” and then teams can agree or disagree. This process is a little cheaper and also available as “5-Star”