Spinning off the popular Final Answer type show, Trivia Ladder takes the concepts of Interactive Trivia Blitz in a different direction. Multiple choice questions are presented to between two and ten teams of contestants. Correct answers move you up the ladder while incorrect answers can drop you down the prize ladder. Get to the top of the ladder and win.

This game can be played with a variety of software interfaces that are either unique in format or that can be presented in a style that more closely imitates that Millionaire Show. Ladders, lifelines, and buzzer systems can all be customized.

Trivia Ladder can also be played in our “All Play” or “Table” format, using our wireless audience lockout buttons. Add to that various levels of razzle dazzle for a truly fun event.



Above: Wireless Lockout Buttons than can be placed in the audience or on stage. Great for keeping people at the\ table and working together. Works with some, but not all of our software.