Trivia Board 10/20 is a new game show that fits into all of our categories – fast trivia, audience response, and TV takeoffs.

It uses between 4 to 20 of our TM-120 type buzzers that can be placed anywhere – on tables at the front of the stage, in the audience, or with formal podiums called “V-Stations which include microphones and video score display. When the buttons are on stage, they have number signs in front of them. When we place them in the audience, each team has number signage like a flag. These displays can vary depending on the production level we use. When buttons are placed in the audience such as at a table, the entire table can contribute simultaneously to the game.

Trivia Board is a game show in the style of Jeopardy in which anywhere from four to six categories and up six point values. Questions can be of any subject, including custom and can include multiple choice format or have sound, photos, or video clips attached to them. (We can also take out the categories and run straight trivia with point values — it’s called “Flashcards”. )

Game play is similiar to that of our other game “Cateogry Busters” but the software screens are different.

Picture shows a dual screens at about 4-Star production level before the event begins.

Clobber variation

This software program also works with Clobber Comedy Game Show, our hard hat/swimming noodle game. See Clobber for more details.