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Interactive Trivia Blitz Game Play

Using either our standard pop culture and trivia questions or customized questions based on academics or organizations, we engage in a highly energetic format. Our game show system consists of threeor more team positions with up to four players on each team. After a question is asked, if a player knows the answer, he or she presses their button. This will stop the chasing lights, make a unique sound, enable their microphone, and allow only that team to answer the question. If they give the correct answer, a “dant-da-da-dah” will sound and they get points. If they answer wrong, a “buzz” will sound. ”Depending on rules that were set, they may lose points.

Of course our emcee makes encouraging comments regardless and we add additional sound effects to enhance the show. Stage lights, a sound system, and a backdrop can help enhance the Hollywood look. Now that’s cool.  

Variations include: Mini Trivia Blitz, Lights-Sights & Bites, Big Picture Blast, Wheel Deal, and more.

Executive Summary

How The Game Works

Program operation varies by the target event.

For Schools: Twelve children are picked either at random, by list, or by drawing to stand at our four contestant booths.

Our emcee encourages audience cheering for the contestants and generates energy in the room. After the children understand how the buttons work, the emcee asks grade targeted questions. If a team gets it correct, they get 200 points. If they get it wrong, they lose 100. The team with the most points in a pre-set time—usually five minutes is the winner.

We continue this program as specified with other grades as well as a final teacher round.

Corporate events, promotions and all others can have different rules. Generally we pick eight adults and use program specific trivia or client provided material. The team with the most points at the end of the time period is the winner. Some events will run a straight 60 minutes or so while promotional events will run “scatter” games with music in between and promotional announcements.



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