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Think you are good at trivia?

Try our Interactive Trivia Blitz. It’s awesome edu-tainment. Anyone and everyone can play at all types of events—children, teenagers, college students, corporate executives, and guests. They don’t have to sing or dance. But of course, they can win great prizes. Don’t be shy. Don’t be scared. Step up to the podium and be a contestant with Game Show Gurus.

Game Show Gurus involves more participants than any other traveling game show company. Depending on the event, up to four people can stand around each high tech contestant booth. That’s up to sixteen stage participants at a time with only four booths. (Not to mention, that additional podiums can be booked at an additional cost). Don’t forget the ultimate life-line. The audience is always involved when stage contestants are stumped.

Interactive Trivia Blitz includes TV like game show contestant booths, digital scoring, theme music, tons of trivia questions, and some games have sound bites. It looks and sounds like a real TV Game show.

Special programs are designed for elementary schools, junior high schools, promotions, corporate events, college/universities, camps, and training events.

The best thing is that we can customize each program to include the questions from our extensive databases or from your choice of material.


Trivia Blitz Is the base to many of our game shows. This game is what you might see on popular trivia shows but your guests are the contestants.

The set consists of three, four or up to sixteen player positions. It has all of the bells and whistles of a real game show with all of the improvisation of a live event.

For corporate events, company material can easily be included. Trivia Blitz is great for fast moving, fast turn around events. Contestants answer questions about movies, music, and pop culture from our energetic emcee. Add contests and goofy stunts make it exciting. This game can be run inside or outside. It is designed for larger stages and events.

For smaller stages and events, we have a Mini Trivia Blitz which uses tabletop podiums and a smaller set.

Producers Note:  Trivia Blitz was the first game show that started it all back in 1995. Back then, we used different game show consoles (since retired) but the concept is the same. This is one of our most popular game shows because of its simplicity, it high participant turnover, and high paced action. It is appropriate for almost any type of event. Some others on the internet may call this “Game Show Mania” but we present it much better.  Many times our Trivia Blitz game show is used in conjunction with other game show props to create an expanded and higher impact show.