Another format designed in the style of the TV show Jeopardy or our game show “Category Busters”/ . The Challenge uses our free standing or table top podiums with digital scorekeeping controlled by a computer. Choose three, four or up to sixteen teams or player positions. While there are various ways to play it, the genera game board consists between three and five categories and three and five questions per category.

This show is excellent for small groups and large groups and can be scaled as many of our other games can be. It is a fun and exciting way to build teamwork. It works great with our All Play / Get Wired For This option.

The Challenge shown with 4-5/star production, high end back drops, three video screens, and hostesses.

Below: The Challenge shown scaled down for a high end country club in a small room using tabletop podiums. The Challenge is interchangable with Cateogory Busters and Trivia Board 10/20. The major difference between the two is the podiums and software that we use.