Based on smaller equipment, we now can program mini “Interactive Trivia Blitz” in small scale or low budget environments. Smaller lockout podiums will allow us to fit mini game shows in a 10 foot X 6 foot space and be executed by one person.

This game is also called “Midway Trivia” in a Festival Environment.

Download Mini Trivia Blitz PDF
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Download Adult Trivia Blitz Flyer

Want similar game action to our larger game show—Interactive Trivia Blitz but don’t have the room or budget for it? Try our Mini Trivia Blitz (MTB). Mini Trivia Blitz has fully functional table top contestant podiums that can fit in smaller spaces and a host podium that allows one Game Show Guru staff person to run a show. When space is at a premium (trade show, an event add on, library, or small venue), this can create a game show atmosphere without taking over. Best of all, the impact is still high, the fun is still thrilling, and it still involves many people.

Picture is approximately “3-Star”.

Game Play

  • Standard—one hour game show involving five to ten minute games with constant turnover. Material can be targeted towards audience.
  • Promotions—up to two hour program featuring 5 ten minute games with music breaks and sponsor plugs in between. It’s awesome fun. This can be reformatted to longer periods if necessary
  • Add On—Mini Trivia Blitz can be added to other game shows or DJ type events. Games are balanced with additional activities.

In all, we invite contestants up and interview them. The emcee asks high energy type questions on a variety of topics. The first team to “buzz in” gets a chance to answer. If it is correct, they get points. If it is wrong, they lose points. The audience is involved and a variety of other tricks are added. Best of all everyone is a winner. Still great for all ages.

Some Places where Mini Trivia Blitz is great for

  • Restauraunts/Bars
  • Promotions/Venues
  • Event/Add On
  • Residential Events
  • Trade Show Booth
  • Side Show
  • Park Distirct/Camp
  • Trade Show Booths

What We Provide

  • Three individual contestant booths with options to add extra (up to eight).
  • Small Sound system including wireless mic for emcee, mixer, CD Players, microphones on booths
  • One tree of stage lights (indoor only)
  • Colored pipe and drape backdrop (10 feet)
  • All material (can be customized)
  • Professional emcee
  • Host Podium
  • All pre event coordination, trucking, load in, load out, and set up

Options you may provide:

  • Logo sign for emcee podium or backdrop
  • Prizes and give-aways
  • Prizes and or audience premiums
  • List of contestants
  • List of promotional announcements

Site needs to provide:

  • 1 15-amp circuit
  • Stage area: 12 feet wide by 10 feet deep minimum
  • Extra volunteers to help with sign up, etc. Keeping this to a one person crew makes it cost effective.
  • If you need a larger scle program, please look at Interactive Triiva Blitz