Midway Trivia is our base and standard game show that is great for all events. We have multiple contestant podiums with buttons, microphones, and scorekeeping devices. Midway Trivia is the fair and festival version of our “Trivia Blitz” series game shows. Trivia Blitz is a buzzer banging Jeopardy like game in which four teams of 2 or 3 kids through adults answer high speed pop culture questions in five minute rounds and can win prizes. Seven games normally are played in an hour. Awesome for teens. We involve more participants per program than any other traveling game show.

What We Do During a Standard Midway Trivia /Big Top Trivia (Trivia Blitz) Game Show.

During our 45-60 minute Trivia Blitz game show, we will invite 4-8 people in various ages – 4-8 years old, 9-13 years old, 14-21 years old, adults, and maybe even mixed to answer pop culture questions, basic knowledge, and even questions about your event. If they know they answer, they press a button. If they get it right, they get points, if they get it wrong, they lose points.

At the end of 5 minutes, we cycle the game. We play about seven of these games in an hour. Sometimes we throw in a physical challenge contest. Also, we promote your sponsors with numerous stage plugs. We will give out Game Show Star magnets to every player and usually give out Star T-Shirts to the winners. Generally three 45 minute to one hour shows are run per day with a 70 minute teaser before hand (assuming it doesn’t conflict with others).

Promotion Commotion Reaction Attraction

Get your sponsors to pay for us and it is essentially free. We will give you “pass through” benefits that no other entertainer will including: Banner Space, Stage Announcements, Prize Give Aways, and more.

Blain’s Farm and Fleet sponsored us at Rock County Fair. They received banner space, many stage announcements, and we gave away their shirts, hats, and tons of other give aways. Money well spent. Left: Local Radio Personalities have a trivia playoff. Great promotion for the radio stations and the crowd loved it !!

What We Provide (Minimum)

  • Four individual contestant booths with options to add extra (up to eight).
  • Sound system including wireless mic for emcee, mixer, CD/Mp3 Players, microphones on booths, and sound fold back. Hook up to stage sound system, if available only requires 2 line level inputs.
  • Graphic Banner Backdrop (20 feet)
  • Countdown Monitor
  • Front Graphics
  • All material (can be customized)
  • Professional emcee
  • Host Podium
  • All pre event coordination, trucking, load in, load out, and set up
  • Prizes and give aways

Options you may provide:

  • Logo sign for emcee podium or backdrop
  • Prizes and give-aways
  • List of contestants or List of promotional announcements

If we are Self Contained on our Trailer / Stage, we will provide:

  • RV Trailer as our “base”
  • 20X10’ Canopy secured to Soon to be dedicated stage trailer. water weights.
  • 8’ X 12’ stage riser, 16” High for our use. Big Top Trivia may have an 8’X16’ stage.
  • Stage Lighting
  • Razzle Dazzle Lighting that change colors and moves and attracts attention.
  • Side Walls measuring 10’X8’ covering trailer and creating a larger presentation.
  • Trailer, stage, canopy, auxiliary parking for van takes about 30 feet by 30 feet plus space for your bleachers.