is-that-your-final-answer Is That Your Final Answer?

Designed in style of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, Final Answer takes it in a whole new direction.

The premise of this game is a trivia game with a series of multiple choice questions that increase in difficullty. The teams may be elgible for hnts or “lifelines” depending on which software program we use.

There are multiple ways to set this game up:

One person can answer multiple choice questions increasing difficulty, gambling on whether to stay or continue. The prize ladder can be a point value, dollar amount, or prize value. Like the TV show, there are many lifelines including “Ask An Expert”, “:Ask The Group”, “Leave 2”, “Hint”, “Mulligan”, and “Give Away”.

Unlike the TV show, we can set up one, two or four teams. The rhythm of the game can be varied including taking turns, first to buzz in, or run the board. Using two team mode it would be similiar to Survey Says or College Bowl but using multiple choice objective questions. Audience response buzzers can be added to allow even more people to play.

For corporate events, a single person or team can be singled out. For promotions and casinos, a person can be drawn from the audience to challenge, with real money or prizes on the line.

This program involves less people than some of our other ones.

We can also run a single player game would be similiar to that of the TV show including a host monitor, host chair, player monitor and player chair plus robotic lighting.

See also our “Trivia Ladder” which puts between 5 and 10 teams competing up the ladder in a game that mixes our Trivia Blitz with our All Play with Final Answer using multiple choice questions and a different software package.

Final Answer can also be run a as a Game Show Station or a traffic builder.