Imagine this.

Four to ten players put on “hard hats” with contestant buzzers in them. Players are then given a swimming type nerf noodle (to keep this safe).

We show questions on a video screen using one of various software programs that have either a category board (Trivia Board), a set of multiple choice questions (Trivia Ladder) and possibly some others

If a player know the answer to a question, he can hit himself on the head with the noodle. If he thinks someone else doesn’t know it, he can hit that person on the head with a swim noodle. Score is kept. At the end of a predetermined time, a winner is found.

This is a hilarious game show . The game set includes backdrop, foldback monitors, razzle dazzle, stage lighting, signage, and more. Higher production levels will include truss and extra intelligent lighting. This might make a great mini game.