Category Challenge is our name for a very popular game show based on a long running TV show in which contestants answer questions from categories on a screen.

We have several variations in software, game rhythm, and set design. Category Challenge uses our free standing or table top podiums with digital scorekeeping controlled by a computer.

Choose three, four or up to sixteen teams or player positions. Add three to five categories and three to five point values and it can be totally customized to the event needs. A “Final Question” This show is excellent for small groups and large groups and can be scaled as many of our other games can be. It is a fun and exciting way to build teamwork as well as drive information home.

Variations include Category Face Off in which two teams play against each other and it also works great with our larger podiums as well as our table top version, All Play option, a category wheel, stand alone non media game board, as well as putting our mini wireless lockout buttons in the audience.

Above: The Challenge shown with 4 star production, high end back drops, three video screens, and hostesses.



This game has been previously called “Category Busters”.