big-picture-blastA Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

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From the growing list of proprietary game shows that we have designed, comes “Big Picture Blast”. It is always said that students learn better when they can visualize a concept, so why not make a game show based on this?

Big Picture Blast is the educational version of Lites, Sites, and Bites, a multimedia trivia recognition game used for corporate and college events in which the primary material is pop culture. In Big Picture Blast, our video screen has Powerpoint based questions with educational content. Questions include: picture recognition, math problems, word scrambles, multiple choice questions, sound bites, etc. Most of the material is targeted by grade level with basic academic concepts with a few pop culture questions thrown in for fun.

The set looks a little like “Multi Media Category Busters” with a video screen at an angle to four contestant podiums. The rhythm of the is similar to Interactive Trivia Blitz. Twelve contestants are picked either randomly or by list. Three participate at each podium. Questions and answers are shown on our video screen for all to see.

Generally each five minute game has about ten questions. If ten multi media questions do not fill the time period, we go to “Speed Rounds” with non media questions. As in Trivia Blitz, if two teams do not get the answer right, we go to the audience for a “life line”.

What We Provide

  • Up to four individual contestant booths with lockouts, mic, and digital scoring
  • Sound system including wireless microphone for emcee, fold back monitor, mixer, CD players, and button activated microphones on booths
  • General stage lights
  • Colored pipe and drape backdrop
  • All material (unless client would like to provide it)
  • All pre event coordination, trucking, load in, load out, and set up
  • Video projected questions from our notebook computer, video projector and video screen
  • Professional emcee and sound technician

Options You May Provide

  • Logo sign for emcee podium or backdrop
  • Prizes and/or audience premiums
  • List of contestants
  • List of promotional announcements
  • Judges

Site Needs To Provide

  • 2 20-amp circuits
  • Stage area: 36 feet wide by 20 feet deep minimum . To facilitate sight lines, the screen and the contestant row are usually put in a “V” formation with no more than a 135 degree angle.)
  • Emcee Podium

Producer’s Note: We have taken our most popular game show, Trivia Blitz and mixed it up for the multimedia generation while keeping an academic focus.